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(Mixed Case) Off-set Smoker Wood
(Mixed Case) Off-set Smoker Wood

(Mixed Case) Off-set Smoker Wood

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  • 5kg Oak wood chunks,
  • 5kg Apple wood chunks,
  • 2kg Cherry wood chunks,
  • (BONUS) 2kg Whiskey barrel chunks,

Oak – one of the most versatile, go-to woods. It’s a nice, dense wood that burns well for a long time, making it ideal to use when cooking larger pieces of meat like beef, pork and game.

Apple – one of the most popular mild woods and works well with all types of meat.

Cherry – the second most commonly used fruit wood. It offers a sweet, fruity smoke that can give a slightly rosy hue to fish and chicken but is great when used with any type of meat.

All of our wood chunks are cut on our farm. We source all timber locally and only use wood that has not been sprayed or treated. Timber is naturally seasoned prior to cutting.