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Flavour guide

Alder produces a sweet, musky smoke, good with fish, pork, poultry, and light-meat game birds. Traditionally used in the pacific Northwest to smoke salmon.

Apple is one of the most popular mild woods and works well with all types of meat. It has a light, fruity, slightly sweet aroma and is commonly used with pork and poultry. It it can be mixed with other smoke woods like oak and cherry with fantastic results.

Ash is a fast burning hard wood which produces a light to medium smoke with a delicate aroma that works well with fish, chicken and red meats.

Beech is a nice mild wood and a good all rounder for cooking, which is great for whatever you care to use it with.  Good with meat and seafood.

Cherry is the second most commonly used fruit wood. It offers a sweet, fruity smoke that can give a slightly rosy hue to fish and chicken but is great when used with any type of meat.

Chestnut has a great combination of sweet and intense smoke flavours, much stronger than a fruitwood option but not as strong as other nut hardwoods such as walnut. Ideal for meats and game which will carry the flavour density, but a little too strong for light white meats .

Oak is one of the most versatile, go-to woods. It’s a nice, dense wood that burns well for a long time, making it ideal to use when cooking larger pieces of meat like beef, pork and game.

Pear has a nice subtle smoke flavour, much like apple, a slight sweet woodsy flavour.  It is good with game birds, chicken & pork.  It can be mixed with other smoke woods like Oak with good results, but take care not to overpower the delicate flavours.

Sweetchestnut has a wonderful aromatic, toasty, slightly sweet nutty aroma and is good with most meats.

Whiskey oak gives you the timeless classic aroma of aged Whisky mixed with the fantastic flavour of Oak which is fantastic for Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Cheese or Vegetables.